How to Activate My watchlist & My Collection Option In The Morpheus TV

My watchlist & My Collection are the two options in the Morpheus TV application where you can add your favorite movies to make a separate collection of all of your liked content. So here we are going to let you know how you have to activate this option.

Download Morpheus TV APK

By default in the Morpheus TV, these two options “My watchlist & My Collection” will not be activated. You have to activate it to add movies to your collection. To activate,

Open the application: Click on the Morpheus TV app icon to start the application in your phone.

Choose any one: You can tap on any of the two option, “My watchlist & My Collection”

I will show you a message: As you will tap you will see an option on your screen which will tell you to go to a link and add a code to activate.

Click on the link: You have to click on the link which you can see on the message.

Sign Up: Once the link will open, it will ask to log in but first you have to make an account by simple sign up.

Add the code: Once the sign up will be done, it will ask to add the code. You can find the code in the message shown in the Morpheus TV app.

You are done.

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