How To Watch Movies On Morpheus TV | User Guide

So here we are going to tell you how you stream and download Movies in the Morpheus TV app. The app is the best place to watch all of your favorite content for free. Even here at the app can enjoy latest released English movies. The app contains mostly English Hollywood movies and best for the peoples of who loves English movies to watch.

So here are the steps

Open the app: Go to the home screen of your smartphone and tap on the Morpheus TV icon to open the application.

Choose Movies: As you will open the app it will show you two four options,

  1. Movies
  2. TV Shows
  3. Download
  4. Setting

So kindly select the first option which is “Movies”

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Now you are having five options which are explained below

Trending: Under this option, you can find all of the most watched latest released movies. Suppose you are confused that which movie you should watch, so here you can find a good list of most watched movies likes by the others.

Popular: This option is much similar to the “Trending”. If you choose the option popular, you will get a list of the most popular movies of the current time. Finding a good movie from a thousand no of the list is not easy. So with this option, you can find some popular content watch.

Search: if you know the movie by name then you must choose this option, here you can directly search the movie by name. It will save much of your effort and time.

As I tell there will be five options, the remaining two are my watchlist and my collection. Both are much similar.

My collection: As you know the Morpheus TV is having a huge database collection where thousands of movies are listed. So here you can make your own list of your favorite collection. To do this,

  • Go to the movie which you want to add to your collection
  • Press long on the movie icon till it shows you some options
  • Press “add to my collection”
  • You are done

My Watchlist: This option is very similar to the previous one, but here you can add those movies you want to stream in future. So the next time you do not need to search for the movie. You can directly come to my Watchlist and start the film.

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